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5th Taiwan Film Festival

5th Taiwan Film Festival

Das Taiwan Film Festival Berlin ist die größte Veranstaltung in Europa für taiwanesische Kunst und Kultur.

Taiwan Film Festival Berlin is the largest scale event in Europe for Taiwanese art and culture. Since officially established in Germany, 2017, our curation team has been working on this annual festival for five consecutive years. The 2022 festival is centered around the theme of ‘Island Fantasia’ and challenges the audience’s imagination with our diverse programme and hence, creates a unique and personal filmic experience. 

The 8 drama films and 4 short films of the festival are sorted into three main themes: Super Oma, Fantastic Horror and Wild Youth: Taiwan & Hong Kong, with an additional special screening of Listen Before You Sing. In addition, the festival will host four themed lectures and six symposiums with directors starting on 23 September. 

Screenings will commence from 23 Sep. to 2 Oct., at the Kino in der Kulturbrauerei. The presale will kick off on 9. Sep. Every film has English subtitles, so do invite as many of your international friends as possible!