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Welad Rizk 3 (arab. OmU engl. UT)

Welad Rizk 3 (arab. OmU engl. UT)

Welad Rizk 3 (arab. OmU engl. UT)

EventFSK 16Filmlänge 125 Min.Termin: 23.06.2024


We are showing the Egyptian film "Welad Rizk 3" in the original Arabic version with English subtitles.

The lions are back and living their dream of running a clean and legitimate car showroom. This dream quickly evaporates when old enemies “Sakr” and “Sherbeeni” blow up the place, putting the sons of Rizk in a deep financial burden. A seemingly impossible mission presents itself, promising the lions salvation from their troubles. Little do they know that they are now no longer dealing with old foes, but rather the most notorious criminal of the underground world… “Sultan El Ghoul”.

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Trailer - Welad Rizk 3 (arab. OmU engl. UT)


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